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This is Jonathan KraftÖ  and I learned recently that I didnít make it into the top 10 for Next Internet Millionaire.  They had a lot of GREAT people to choose from, and I would NOT have wanted to be in their shoes of making the difficult decision they did.

So, first of all, THANK-YOU!  You have made it possible for me to make it as far as I have, and I TRULY appreciate you!

Second, lots of people have been asking me what Iím going to be doing nowÖ

Well, Iím going to be building my Internet business of course!  I actually have some HUGE things planned in the next few months.  So, if youíre interested in seeing what I am going to be doing, please put your name and email address in below.  This form only goes to me, so your information is secure, and that way, Iíll be able to keep you up to date on everything that Iím going to be doing, and more importantly, how it can help you.

Thanks again for all your support, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you! 



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